Improved Approvals Involving Delegates


For many organizations the summer holiday period is approaching and that means that delegates will be appointed more often to take over approval tasks. If an approval delegate was selected in an out of office period, then any approval task that gets assigned to the unavailable person during this period is automatically forwarded to the approval delegate. This way, changes can continue to move forward during an approver’s absence. An important update has been made to this feature, to make sure that essential approvers keep their vote in all situations.

Until now, the approver delegate was simply added to the list of approvers for a task. This is not always desirable, though. Imagine an approval task that requires two approvals, of which one must be from Ron Bartlett, the financial manager.

Required approvers

If the other person, Tom Smith in the example above, is currently out of the office and has set a delegate, both of them are able to approve the task. If they do, the number of required approvers would already be reached, thereby bypassing the approval of Ron Bartlett, the financial manager.

This is now no longer possible. When a delegate approves a task, the approval task of the original approver is automatically canceled. Reversely, if the original approver who set a delegate uses the 4me Mobile App to approve the task from a beach in southern France, for example, the approval task of the delegate is automatically canceled.

Canceled approver