Improved Full Screen Presentation of Dashboards


Many support organizations have mounted large screens in common areas to display 4me dashboards that help employees stay informed of the current situation.  These dashboards are placed in full screen mode so that they take up the entire screen.

Dashboard enter full screen

To make the names of a dashboard’s reports easier to read from a distance, the names of reports are now presented in a larger font size when the dashboard is placed in full screen mode.

Dashboard in full screen mode

In addition, report names are now always centered over the width of the reports.  Even when a user prints a dashboard, the default dashboard PDF design ensures that the names are centered in the PDF file that gets emailed to the user.

Users may also notice that the resize handle is no longer visible in the bottom right corner of each report, unless the dashboard is placed in Edit mode.

These three minor adjustments should make the information presented in dashboards just a little easier to consume.