Improved Maintenance of People’s Roles & Teams

RolesThe ‘Roles & Teams’ section of the Person form has been redesigned.  This section is now easier to use for administrators of organizations with many 4me accounts and trusts with 4me accounts from other organizations.

In View mode, this section still lists all accounts that a person has one or more roles of.  When an administrator places the person record in Edit mode, though, only those same accounts are now presented in the ‘Roles and Teams’ section.  In the past, all accounts would be listed that the administrator was allowed to select roles from.  This could make the list very long for some organizations.

Roles & Teams section of 4me person record

To give a person a role of an account that this person does not yet have any roles of, the administrator can click on the Add Accounts button.  That allows the administrator to select one or more additional accounts.

Adding an account to the Roles & Teams section of a 4me person record

After selecting an additional account, the administrator can click on the ‘Link roles…’ option to give the person one or more roles of this account.

Adding a role of a 4me account to a person

And, naturally, after giving someone the Specialist role of an account, this person can also be made a member of one or more teams of this account by clicking on the ‘Link teams…’ option.

Make person a member of a team of a 4me account

This usability improvement was needed because it is no longer uncommon for administrators to be able to assign roles from over forty 4me accounts to the people records they maintain.  Apart from making it easier to manage someone’s roles, the other advantage of this improvement is that it allows a person record to be switched into Edit mode much more quickly.  That is because 4me no longer needs to look up all the roles and teams that the administrator is allowed to assign to the person from each account.