Improved Notifications for Support Chat


Earlier this year, 4me introduced the Support Chat feature, which enables end users in 4me Self Service to start a chat with a specialist from the Service Desk team. This feature has now been given an update, by aligning it with the other chat feature that already existed: 4me Connect.

To make it easier for the support specialists to see that a new chat is available, the Connect button now also shows a badge, containing the number of chats that are awaiting an answer. When the member of the support team clicks the button, a popup is opened in which both support chats and private chats can be seen and answered. For both types of chat, the number of people waiting is also displayed.

Support chat notifications

Support chats are visible to all the members of the responsible support team and must therefore be accepted before they can be answered. Until a chat is accepted, it is highlighted in yellow.