Improved Pickup Target Measurement

StopwatchWith the release of the first line support agreement reports, the pickup target was introduced. The pickup target allows service desk teams to measure whether they are picking up requests, which are assigned to their team, quickly enough.

Pickup target in header of request

A request is considered ‘picked up’ as soon as the service desk updates the request to a status other than ‘Assigned’, or as soon as it is assigned to another team.

But it turns out that it is fairly common for service desks to have a few team members that take care of specific requests. The service desk manager, for example, may be the only person who handles requests that ask for a template to be adjusted. If this person has just left for lunch and such a request is assigned to the service desk, a service desk analyst will assign it to the service desk manager. When the service manager returns, the pickup target will have been violated.

To accommodate these scenarios, the way the pickup time is measured has been adjusted slightly. From now on, a request is also considered ‘picked up’ once it has been assigned to a member of the team, i.e. when a person has been selected in the Member field.