Improved Push Notifications for System Notes

SmartphoneWhen 4me automatically adds a note to a request, this system note may cause a notification to be sent to the requester, the specialist to whom the request is assigned, and everyone who has added the request to their watchlist.  System notes are added, for example, when:

  • a requester indicated to be satisfied with the manner in which a request was handled,
  • a request was referenced in a note of another record,
  • a specialist proposed a request as a major incident, or
  • a change was completed successfully, which caused the status of the related requests to be completed.

When people would receive a push notification from the 4me App on their smartphone for a system note, the message would only indicate that a note was added.  Now most of the system note is visible.

Push notification for system note - Requester Satisfied

Seeing the message makes it possible for people to decide whether they should tap the push notification to open the record to which the system note was added.  In many cases, reading the notification itself is already sufficient, so people save some time when there is no need to open the record.