Improved Request Assignment

TeamA small but very useful improvement has been made to the rules that automatically select a team after a service instance (SI) is linked to a request. In the past, these rules already ensured that the first line team of the SI is selected when an end-user submits a new request, or when a service desk analyst selects an SI from an external service provider (i.e. a service instance from a different 4me account).

These rules have become a little smarter. Now they also get triggered when a service desk analyst or specialist selects an SI from his/her own support organization, provided that he/she is not a member of this SI’s first line team. In such cases, the first line team is selected in the Team field. Previously, the support team would get selected instead.

First line team selected automaticallyThe advantage is probably best explained using an example. Let’s say that a developer is registering an incident concerning a virtual server. As soon as the affected virtual server SI is selected in the Service instance field, the Team field is automatically set. In the past, it would be set to the support team of the SI, which is the ‘Server Support’ team. From now on, the rules start by looking up the first line team of the SI, which in this example is the ‘Operations’ team. If the developer is not a member of this team, the Team field of the request is set to ‘Operations’.

This avoids requests from getting passed to the support team when they can be handled more cost-effectively by the first line time.