Improved Satisfaction Feedback Experience

Thumbs UpWhen a request is completed, the requester is encouraged to provide feedback. Doing so would take the requester to a new browser window that would either thank this person for providing positive feedback, or would ask for the reason why the requester is not satisfied.

This behavior has been adjusted to make sure that the requester sees the ‘thank you’ message, or provides the reason for his/her unhappiness, in the screen that shows the request for which the feedback is provided.

The ‘Thank You’ message, for example, now gets displayed at the top of the request:

Thank you for your feedback message displayed in 4me Self Service

In 4me’s full UI, the reason for the negative feedback used to be collected in a separate browser window that looked like this:

Providing negative feedback separate window

Now it is requested using a dialog window.

Providing negative feedback in 4me full UI

In Self Service, the requester is invited to specify the reason for his/her dissatisfaction in the Note field:

Dissatisfied with completed request in Self Service

Keeping the requester on the request, rather than opening a separate browser window, offers a slightly improved feedback experience during which the context is always clear.