Improved Service Selection


Because it is now common for organizations to have well over 100 services registered in their 4me account, the time has come to upgrade the Service field from a simple dropdown field to a suggest field.  The advantage of using a suggest field when selecting a service is that the user can filter the list of options by entering the first few characters of one or multiple words that are part of the name of the desired service and/or the name of this service’s provider.

Service selection in 4me problem record

Also interesting to note is that 4me now offers the services, which the user is the service owner of, at the top of the list of suggestions.

The Service field has been upgraded from a dropdown field to a suggest field on the following forms:

  • Request Template
  • Knowledge Article
  • Problem
  • Change
  • Change Template
  • Project
  • Service Instance
  • Service Offering
  • Product
  • Configuration Item