Improved Snippets

UI ExtensionA number of organizations are already making good use of UI extensions. It helps them increase the efficiency, quality and predictability of their Request Fulfilment process.

The Snippet functionality is especially useful when creating a new UI extension. Snippets can be used, for example, to quickly add a checkbox or a select field.

We recently added two more snippet features. The first allows you to break your custom form into sections.

UI extension snippet - Section
Adding a section can enhance the usability of the form. It also helps the specialists, because the section headers get included in the note with the values that the user selected in the UI extension’s fields.

UI Extension with sections and multiple checkboxes
The second feature that was added stops fields from getting listed in the note when they were left blank by the user. This also makes it easier for the specialists to find the information they need, especially when a UI extension contains a large number of optional fields or checkboxes.

Field values of UI extension in Note field
If you want a field to be listed in the note even when it was left empty, then you can select the ‘Add to note when empty’ option.

UI extension snippet - Add to note when empty