Improved Subject for Import Email Notifications

ImportWhen someone performs an import of records into 4me, the import file gets queued for processing, it then gets processed and once the import has been completed 4me sends the user an email notification.  This is useful for large import files that can take a few minutes to process.  It saves the user from having to check the ‘Import Log’ view in the ‘System Logs’ section of the Settings console to find out whether the import has been processed.

These email notifications are also useful for administrators who have scheduled automated imports.  They can simply check the mailbox to which 4me sends the notifications to see if all imports have been processed successfully.

In the past, the subject of these email notifications would either be ‘Import failed’ or ‘Import finished’.  The subject would be ‘Import failed’ if the import ran into too many errors and was aborted without completing.  Alternatively, the subject would ‘Import finished’, regardless of whether the import completed with some errors or was 100% successful.  This meant that administrators still needed to look at each notification with the subject ‘Import finished’.

Henceforth, if an import was aborted, the subject of the email notification is still ‘Import failed’.  Also, when and import completed successfully without errors, the subject is still ‘Import finished’.  But if there were some errors, the subject is now ‘Import finished with errors ‘.  So the possible subjects are now:

  1. Import finished
  2. Import finished with errors
  3. Import failed

Email inbox with notifications from 4me after completion of import jobs

This makes it possible for administrators to set up an inbox rule that automatically discards all the notifications about imports that were 100% successful.  That should eliminate the bulk of the email notifications.  The rule could look something like this:

  • move to archive unless subject contains ‘failed’ or ‘errors’