Improved Suggestions

SearchThere are several places in 4me where it is possible to link a record to multiple other records of the same type. Multiple configuration items, for example, can be linked to a request. Similarly, an SLA can be related to multiple organizations, people, sites or service instances to define its coverage.

To find the right records to link, a search box used to pop up that allowed the user to enter a few characters. This would return a list of up to 20 suggestions that matched the entered characters.

This has been improved a little. Now, when there are 40 of fewer options, these options are immediately suggested. In such cases, the search box does not get displayed, because all the options are already listed. It saves the user from having to type in anything.

Site suggestions
While we were working on this usability feature, we also improved the suggestions for Site records by including the avatars of the sites, as well as their city and country. This can be useful when there are multiple sites with similar names.

The suggestions for service instances have also been improved. They now include the service avatar and the name of the service provider organization.

Service instance suggestions