Improved UI Extensions Presentation

UI ExtensionAnother improvement of the UI Extension functionality has been released. This one significantly improves the presentation of the fields that organizations have added to their requests.

In the past, the additional fields were presented in the Notes section of the requests.

UI extension in the Notes section
Going forward they are presented in their own section, which is formatted just like the rest of the request.

UI extension in View mode
In Edit mode, the formatting of the UI extension fields is now also consistent with the rest of the Request form.

UI extension in Edit mode
This does not just make the information look better. If that was the only benefit, we would not have spent 2 months of development effort on this enhancement. This actually provides some valuable benefits:

  • The section titles, field labels and field options are displayed in the user’s preferred language,
  • Dates are displayed in the date format associated with the user’s language preference, and
  • Dates and times are displayed in the user’s timezone.

These preferences are now also taken into account in Self Service. The same goes for when a Change Summary PDF file is generated for the approvers of a change that includes a request with a UI extension.