Improved Visibility of Request Templates, Known Errors and Recent Changes

Service Hierarchy Browser (SHB)The Service Hierarchy Browser (SHB) provides information that could be relevant for the request that you are working on. For example, it lists the child service instances and configuration items (CIs) that the service instance of the request relies on. It also lists the request templates that could be applicable to the request, as well as open requests, known errors and recently implemented changes for the service.

Syscom A/S logoIn the past, when the service instance of the request had many CIs, the request templates would no longer fit on the screen. And when many similar requests are still open, the known errors and recent changes would not be visible unless you scrolled down to the bottom of the SHB.

To ensure that all types of information are visible when the SHB opens, the number of items in each section is now restricted when the SHB opens. The lists of CIs, open requests and known errors are initially limited to 5 items. The request templates are limited to 10.

You can click on the more… link to see the rest of the items.

The most relevant items are immediately visible without requiring any action from the user. That’s because the request templates that have been applied the most get listed on top. Similarly, the open requests and known errors with the highest impact level show up first in their respective sections.