Improved Watchlist Access


Since the introduction of the Watchlist functionality, it has been easy for both specialists and end users to add items to their watchlist.  A simple click on the ‘eye’ icon above a record is all it takes.  But when specialists wanted to check what is on their watchlist and get a complete overview of the items that have recently been updated, they often struggled to find the option for opening their watchlist.

That is why the watchlist can now be opened from the Inbox console.  By clicking on the title of the Inbox view, specialists can now switch to their watchlist.

Inbox view in 4me Specialist Interface with Watchlist option

For end users nothing has changed.  Once they have added one or more items to their watchlist, they will see the ‘My Watchlist’ option in the menu when they are in the 4me Self Service interface or the 4me App.

Watchlist menu option in 4me App