Inbox for End Users

InboxThe 4me Self Service interface already provided an inbox for specialists, but not yet for end users. When an approval task for a change was assigned to an end user, it had to be picked up by going to ‘My Approvals’. Similarly, when a project task was assigned to an end user, it could be found behind the option ‘My Projects’.

Self Service Inbox menu option
The ‘My Approvals’ and ‘My Projects’ menu options have now been combined into a single ‘Inbox’ option. In this inbox, end users will also find their requests that have been set to the status ‘Waiting for Customer’. That keeps all the work that requires their attention in a single place.
Please be aware that the inbox for end users is not available in classic Self Service. Classic Self Service is still supported, but no new features are added to it. Organizations that still use classic Self Service are encouraged start thinking about migration to 4me’s new Self Service interface. They can test switching off classic Self Service in their QA environment by going to the ‘Self Service Settings’ section of the Settings console.