Include a Video

ImageMany people have asked for the possibility to add a video to a knowledge article, a task template, or a request. A short video can be very helpful when providing instructions or showing the effects of a software bug.

That is why every field that allows you to add inline images, now allows you to also embed videos. These rich text fields offer a text formatting bar. Pressing the Image button in this bar now allows you to add an image or a video.

You can upload a short video (up to 20MB) by dragging and dropping it onto the dialog. Or you can use the ‘Insert from URL’ option to enter the hyperlink of a longer video.

The ‘Insert from URL’ option makes it easy to share videos that are hosted on video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo. And the ‘Media Library’ option can be used to select a short video file from the Media Library.

Rather than using the Image button of the text formatting bar, you can also simply drag and drop a small video file in the text field to embed it.