Include Headers in Rich Text Fields


A few more text formatting options have become available.  The new options are primarily intended for support organizations that want to perfect their knowledge articles, but they are available in all rich text fields, including the Note field of requests.  This allows the instructions of a knowledge article to be pasted in a request’s Note field without loss of formatting.

The first of the new formatting options allows a paragraph to be turned into a header.  When the new Heading (H1) icon is pressed in the text formatting bar, the user can select the header level.  This ranges from the main header H1, which makes the text quite large and bold, to the sub-sub-sub-header H4, which still makes the text bold, but increases the size only a little.

H1 header options in 4me

After a paragraph has been turned into a header, the heading icon can be pressed again to turn it into a normal paragraph again.

Removing header formatting in 4me

Other text formatting options that have recently been added are: