Include Supplier Request ID Field in Email Templates

Email TemplateIt has been a while since new fields became available for 4me’s email templates.  A new field has just been added, though.  It is the Supplier request ID field.

When an organization has set up a 4me account that is used only as an integration point for one of its external providers, it can be useful to include the value of this field in the email that the provider receives from 4me when one of its 4me requests, problems, change tasks or project tasks is updated.

Email template note added to request with Supplier request ID

This allows the email from 4me to be picked up by the provider.  The information in the email can then be used to update the corresponding ticket in the provider’s service management application.  Such email integrations are not nearly as good as having both organizations work in their own 4me account with a trust relation between these two accounts to remove the need for an integration.  Still, an email integration can provide a quick way to establish a collaboration path between two organizations.