Inspect Inbound Email

EmailThe ‘Inbound Email’ section has been added to the Settings console. If you are an account administrator, you can use this section to review the email that people send to your organization’s 4me account.

Inbound Email section of the 4me Settings console
When you select an inbound email, you can see the note that it generated as well as a link to the record to which this note was added.
Successfully processed inbound email
The ‘Download Original’ link is available so that you can review the exact email as it was received by 4me. When you believe that there is an issue with the way 4me’s Mail API processed the email, you can provide this original to the 4me support experts for analysis.
When an email could not be processed successfully, you will see a big red dot in front of the inbound email.
Inbound Email with an error
You can find out what went wrong by opening the inbound email. The failure reason should give you an indication of what went wrong.
Failed inbound email
Having the ability to review all mail the came in should also be helpful when you are troubleshooting an email integration that your organization is adding, for example, to pass events from a system monitoring tool to 4me.
The Auditor role also provides access to the ‘Inbound Email’ section of the Settings console.