Instructions for Support Specialists

Request TemplateHere’s a new feature that you can use to bring more consistency and efficiency to the way support specialists handle specific types of requests. The new Instructions field of request templates can be used to provide them with step-by-step instructions.

Request template with instructions
Unlike the registration hints, which are only available immediately after a template has been applied, the instructions remain visible. So when a specialist picks up the request, there’s no need to look them up. They are proactively provided right there in the request.

Request with instructions
End-users cannot see these instructions. If your company uses ITRP to collaborate with other organizations, then they are not able to see these instructions either.

Think about how this can be used within your organization to improve the request fulfilment and incident management processes. You may include instructions to help new specialists become productive during their first day on the job. You may also add them to help experienced specialists complete complex requests that they do not work on every day.