Internal Notes Excluded from Email Notifications

Email TemplateA restriction has been implemented to better secure the information in internal notes. Specialists can still add internal notes to requests, but after an internal note has been added, the people who are notified, will no longer see the content of this internal note in their email notification.

When an email template for requests includes the {{note_text}} field, this will only cause the contents of a note to be included if that note is public.
Email template in Edit-mode
If the note is internal, the email notification will only notify the recipient that the request has been updated. If the recipient of the email wants to know more, he/she can click on the hyperlink to open the request in 4me, which ensures that this person is authenticated.
Email notification without internal note
This ensures that the information of an internal note is not disclosed when an email notification is intercepted. It also ensures that this sensitive information does not get forwarded accidentally. And finally, it prevents the internal note’s content from getting added to the next public note of the request when the recipient of an email notification replies, thereby causing a public note with the content of the email notification to be added to the request.