Internal Notes Visible in All Support Domains

NoteMore and more organizations are setting up multiple accounts in 4me so that all the departments that support the core business (e.g. IT, HR, Purchasing, etc.) can have their own support domain. The specialists in these domains can all work together seamlessly, but until recently their internal notes could be seen only by other specialists within the same support domain. This has now changed. An example may be best to illustrate how internal notes can be used across support domains.

Adding a field to an email template
Let’s assume that an HR specialist forwards a request to IT. An IT specialist subsequently adds some instructions to the request for HR. Because these instructions are not intended for the end user who submitted the request, the IT specialist writes them in an internal note. Even though the IT specialists and HR specialists work in different support domains, the HR specialist is now able to see the internal note. That’s because the 2 support domains are linked to the same 4me directory account.
The HR specialist might also have used the Mentions functionality in an internal note to ask a specific IT specialist for the instructions. That way, there would not even have been a need to forward the request to the IT support domain.
It comes down to this: Any specialist is now able to mention anyone who has the Specialist role of any one of your company’s support domains in an internal note. End-users are still not able to see the internal notes, which is why they cannot be mentioned in them. The same goes for specialists of external customers and managed service providers that have a 4me account that has a trust relation with one of your organization’s support domain accounts.