Introducing 4me Capability Usage


Whenever 4me introduces a new feature, that feature is automatically available to all customers. This way, in the last 12 months alone, organizations that use 4me have been able to start using features like Scrum, the Shop, Support Chat, Billing, and much more, without the need to pay extra for it. With the large number of features and capabilities that are released and available within 4me, it might not always be clear for an organization if they are making the most out of the 4me service. The new ‘4me Capability Usage’ section in the Settings console can then help.

Capability usage

At the top right of the screen, the current number of 4me Capabilities is displayed with the number of these that are in use by the account. Each of these capabilities is considered in use if a certain minimal level of activity was observed within it over the past period. Agile Boards, for example, are considered in use if at least 25 agile board items were created in the past 6 months. In that case, a green checkmark is placed on the card of the capability. Each card also contains a link to an article that explains how to get started with that capability.

In a directory account, a card shows a green checkmark if any of the support domain accounts have the card checked.