Introducing 4me Freemium

Price TagThe new pricing structure that was unveiled during last week’s 4me Connect 2020 event includes one plan that is completely free.  This Freemium plan makes it possible for a support organization to set up a self service portal for the people they support.  This portal can be branded so that it adheres to the corporate identity of the support organization.

What’s more, it is possible to set up multiple teams in a Freemium 4me account, as well as the services and SLAs that these teams are responsible for.  This makes it possible for the people using the portal to submit requests for specific services and to see when they can expect these requests to be resolved.

Real time SLA reporting is also included in the Freemium plan, as well as all the advanced integration capabilities of the 4me service.  There is a limit, however, of 40 support specialists.

Why is 4me offering all this functionality for free?  Is it to help small organizations that do not need more advanced features like knowledge management?  Or is the Freemium plan targeted at cash-strapped startups that provide a service for which their enterprise customers demand reliable SLA reporting?

The answer is that the Freemium plan can be an amazing deal for IT or HR departments of small enterprises, as well as startups.  But the main reason for introducing a free plan is to help 4me’s paying enterprise customers.

Large enterprises that use 4me can ask their providers to set up a free 4me account so that they can link up their 4me accounts.  After linking their 4me accounts, an enterprise is able to securely pass requests to its provider without having to build an integration with the provider’s ITSM tool.

The advantage for the provider is that they have full access to their free 4me account and its integration capabilities.  Having control over its 4me account as well as its ITSM tool makes it much easier for the provider to integrate these two systems.  And once the provider has established this integration, it can reach out to all its other enterprise customers that already use 4me.  These organizations can now link up with the provider without having to build an integration.  This makes it possible for the provider to delight those customers and work more seamlessly together

Here we share two videos, one provides 4me freemium customers with a step by step guide to setting up their freemium account and the second video provides a guide to setting up the optional extras within the freemium account.