Introducing Auto Translation for Translators

TranslationThe auto translation functionality that translates notes for 4me users has been a resounding success, especially in organizations that support people who speak many different languages.  The service desks of these organizations no longer need to translate requests that come in through self service or email before these requests can be passed on to the second line support specialists.

Because of this success, customers have asked for the auto translation functionality to be extended so that it can help them maintain the translations of their request templates, knowledge articles, services, email templates, UI extensions, etc.  These translations, however, need to be checked and perfected by a translator before they can be made available to the supported users.  That called for a different user experience.

In the ‘Translations’ section of the Settings console, translators can now experience how 4me’s auto translation functionality acts like their assistant.  When they go there, they can still select a phrase that needs to be translated. That has not changed.

Phrase selected in Translations section of Settings console

But once a phrase has been selected, translators will notice that a translation is already suggested for them.  If the exact same phrase was already translated before in the 4me account, this translation is suggested.  Otherwise, a natural language processing (NLP) machine translation is suggested.

Phrase selected in Translations section of Settings console with suggested translation

Clicking on the suggested translation pastes the suggestion into the Translation field.

Phrase selected in Translations section of Settings console with suggested translation applied

The translator can then decide to edit this translation to perfect it before pressing the Save & Next button to open the next phrase.

This new feature should comfortably double the productivity of translators, which represents a significant savings for organizations that need to offer self-service support in multiple languages.

As part of this improvement for translators, the ability to maintain the translations of email templates was moved from the Email Template form to the ‘Translations’ section of the Settings console.  This ensures that translators will also translate the phrases used in the email templates when they are going through the list of missing translations.

New Request email template body in Translations section of 4me Settings console

That is different for knowledge articles and broadcasts, however.  Their texts often need to be translated more urgently, e.g. when a new article is validated or a broadcast is created.  That is why the translation of knowledge articles and broadcasts can still be performed directly within their forms.

Pressing the Add Translation button causes 4me to prompt the user to select a language.  Once a language is selected, the suggested translation is immediately filled out.  The translation can then be edited before the record is saved.

Broadcast with translated text

When the original text is updated, a small translation icon appears above the translated text.  Pressing this icon causes an updated translation to be suggested, which can be accepted by clicking on it.

Broadcast with updated text and new translation suggestion

Email designs can also still be maintained within the Email Design form.  The plan is to eventually move the ability to translate Email Designs also to the ‘Translations’ section of the Settings console.