Introducing Custom Suggest Trees

custom suggest trees

Custom suggest fields can be added to UI extensions when it is necessary to ask users to select a value from a list of organization-specific options.  Now it is possible to create dependencies between such lists.  When a user selects an option from the first custom list, this limits the options of the second list, and so on.  This creates tree-like structures; the ‘Custom Suggest Trees’.

As an example, let’s consider an organization that has several sites, consisting of multiple buildings.  To enable users to select a specific room in a request, he or she would ideally select a site, then a building from that site, and then a room from that building.  So far, this would only be partly possible.  Sites already exist in 4me, so the account designer can create two custom collections: ‘Buildings’ and ‘Rooms’.  The ‘Buildings’ collection has a UI extension with a filterable site suggest field.  The ‘Rooms’ collection has a UI extension with a custom suggest field.

Custom collection with ui extension

Each custom collection has its own set of custom collection elements (every building and every room), and for each custom collection a custom view is created to make these elements available for selection in a custom suggest field in a UI extension within a request template.  These steps are described in a previous blog post about custom collections.  So far, a user could select a site, and subsequently choose a building from a custom list, filtered on the selected site.

Now it is possible to take this one step (or several steps) further.  When adding a custom suggest field to a UI extension via the HTML snippets, an account designer can add a filter to create a dependency on another custom suggest field in the UI extension.  This way, custom suggest trees can be created with several branch levels.

For our example, a third UI extension is made, containing a site suggest field for selecting the site, a custom suggest field for selecting the building and another custom suggest field for selecting the room.

Ui extension custom collection dependency filter

The HTML code for the UI extension snippets now looks like this:

UI extension custom collection dependencies

From the interface, to be placed in a request template, the user would be able to create a custom suggest tree starting from a site and then branching off to a building and a room.

UI extension with custom suggest tree