Introducing First Line Support Agreement Reports

First line support agreement - FLSA4me now offers service desk managers the information they need to track the quality of the support that their teams provide. When they go to the Analytics console, they will find a new option on the left side of their screen. It is called ‘FLSA Reports’. In this new section, they can find the reports for the first line support agreements (FLSAs) that they are responsible for.
An organization that has a 4me account that supports internal employees will see only one FLSA. Managed service providers (MSPs) that offer first line support as a service, on the other hand, will see an FLSA for each of their external customers.
FLSA Reports section of 4me Analytics console
When an FLSA is selected, the information for the current month’s report is gathered in real-time. A previous month can be selected in the upper right by clicking on the name of the current month.
First Line Support Agreement (FLSA) report
The top section of the report is dedicated to a number of key performance indicators (KPIs). The targets for these KPIs can be specified in the FLSA record for which the report was generated.
FLSA KPI targets section
Even when these targets are not defined, the actuals are still tracked and presented in the FLSA reports.
When the mouse cursor is moved over the small ‘Information’ icon next to a KPI, the user is able to read exactly how the KPI is calculated.
Hint text of KPI calculation definition
A click on a KPI itself opens a view that lists all requests that were included in the KPI’s calculation.
List of requests included in KPI calculation definition
The next section is focused on customer satisfaction. It includes only the feedback provided by requesters for requests that were handled only by the team that is selected in the Service desk team field of the FLSA. The 12-month trend is probably especially valuable.
Service desk customer satisfaction in FLSA report
The last section provides a summarized overview of the activities of the service desk team. It uses the time entry data from the members of this team to calculate the values in this section of the report. That means that the option ‘Assignment time tracking’ needs to be activated in the timesheet settings of the organization that employs the service desk analysts, otherwise this section will not contain any data.
Service desk activity in FLSA report
A click on one of the activities opens the time entries that are included in the calculation that determined how many times the activity was performed and how much time was spent on the activity. External help desk organizations may need this activity data when they, for example, charge different amounts depending on whether they register or update a request, or when they charge for the time they spent for the customer of the FLSA.