Introducing My Activity


To make it easier for specialists to quickly find a specific record they have worked on recently, a new feature called ‘My Activity’ has been added. They can access it by clicking on their avatar in the top-right corner of the Specialist Interface.

Activity setting

After selecting the new option ‘My Activity’, the user sees a view at the left side of the screen consisting of requests, problems, releases, workflows, projects, tasks, and risks that they have worked on, in chronological order. These records are included in the view if:

  • a new record was created
  • a record has been set to its final status
  • the Manager, Team, Member, or Approvers field was updated
  • the Skill pool field was set or updated
  • a note was added, or
  • a time entry was added

At the right side of the screen, a graph is displayed with the number of manual creations or updates the specialist did within the selected time period. Clicking a column in that chart automatically adjusts the ‘Created is’ filter of the view and the graph subsequently shows the activities of the now selected time period.

My activity

The records in the ‘My Activity’ view can be filtered by account, record type, or subject. When selecting any of the records, that record is opened at the right side of the screen.

This feature is created to increase specialists’ efficiency. Tracked activities are only visible to the current user.