Introducing the 4me Notification Center

NotificationThe Notification Center is where specialists can now find the notifications that 4me has always been sending them by email. To access the Notification Center, click on the Notifications icon in the toolbar.

Notifications toolbar iconThe blue dot over the icon indicates that there are new notifications. Clicking on the Notifications icon opens, by default, the list of new notifications.
4me Notification Center
Clicking on one of the notifications opens the record for which it was generated. This causes the notification to be removed from the list of ‘New’ notifications.
Switching from ‘New’ to ‘All’ causes a list of all recent notifications to be presented, regardless of whether they are new or marked as read. The ‘Mark All as Read’ option at the bottom of the list can be used to remove the blue dot from all the listed notifications, causing them to be removed from the ‘New’ view.
If you want to look at the items that you placed on your watchlist, you can click in the upper right corner to select the ‘Watchlist’ option.
Switch from Notification Center to Watchlist
By selecting the option ‘Notifications Settings…’ instead, you can adjust your notification preferences.
Updating your personal notification settings
By default, the notifications settings are set to ‘Always’ for email notifications as well as the browser notifications that pop up even when you are not looking at a browser tab with 4me in it.
Both options can be set to ‘Never’ or to the settings selected above. So now you can receive your 4me notifications in a way that works best for you.