Introducing Pickup Targets

StopwatchNow that the first line support agreement (FLSA) reports are available in the Analytics console, it is possible to set a pickup target for the service desk team. This pickup target can be specified in the first line support agreement that covers the organization that the service desk supports.
FLSA KPI targets section
When a pickup target is specified and a request is assigned to the service desk team, the pickup target is displayed in the header of the request.
Pickup target in header of request
A request is considered ‘picked up’ as soon as the service desk updates the request to a status other than ‘Assigned’ or the moment the request is assigned to another team.
So when the status of a new or existing request is ‘Assigned’ and the service desk is selected in the Team field, the service desk analysts will see the pickup target as their next target in the Inbox console. If one of the service desk analysts then presses the Accept toolbar button, the status of the request is updated to ‘Accepted’. This updates the ‘next target’ that is displayed in the inbox and in the header of the request from the pickup target to the response target (assuming that there is a response target for the request and that the pickup target was more stringent than the response target).
When the service desk analyst is ready to work on the request and presses the Start button in the toolbar, the status is updated to ‘In Progress’. That causes the response target to be replaced by the resolution target in the Inbox console and the request’s header.