Introducing Project Management

ProjectSupport for the project management process has been added to the 4me service. Account administrators can activate this functionality by going to the Settings console and registering at least one project category and one project risk level.

A project category could, for example, be defined as follows:
4me Project Category
A project risk level looks something like this:
4me Project Risk Level
After the project categories and risk levels have been defined, it is time to give someone the Project Manager role.
Assigning the 4me Project Manager Role
People who have the Project Manager role are able to register and maintain projects. They can do this by going to the Records console and selecting the option ‘Projects’. There, they can press the big + button in the toolbar to add a new project. The registration of a new project is captured in the following video. It shows how the Gantt chart is used to add phases, tasks and milestones.

A project template was used in this video to add part of the workflow for the new project. As a project progresses more templates can be applied to add the necessary phases and tasks to ensure that the project adheres to the preferred methodology (such as PRINCE2) of the organization.