Introducing Surveys For Service Rating

It is now possible for organizations to receive quantitative feedback from the users of the services about the perceived quality of those services.  Account designers and account administrators can create surveys for people to rate any aspect of the services they use.

Users can anonymously answer multiple star rating questions with a one to five-star rating.  Each question can be given a different weight to ensure that some questions count more than others when a user’s overall rating of a service is calculated.  Providers and customers can track the user experience score in the ‘SLA Reports’ section of the Analytics console.  This score is calculated by taking the average of all survey responses from people who are covered by the SLA over a 12-month period.  This user experience score is reported in the ‘SLA Reports’ section of the Analytics console.

Sla reports user experience score

Also, two new reports have been added to the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console: ‘Average Customer Rating’ and ‘Average Customer Rating by Service’.  These reports and all underlying survey responses, including the answers to the individual questions, are also directly available by drilling down from the ‘User Experience’ section in the SLA reports.

Average customer rating by service report

Creating a survey is easy for anyone with the Account Designer or Account Administrator role.  From the Settings console, navigate to the new ‘Surveys’ section and create a new survey by clicking on the + button.  The survey fields are self-explanatory and described in the Surveys Field Help of the help pages.

Two types of questions can be created, defined by the Type field: Star rating and Text questions.  Text questions are great for qualitative feedback, but do not contribute to the final service rating.  Star rating questions can have an individual weight.  After choosing a weight for a question, its relative weight as a percentage is automatically calculated and placed next to it.  To add more questions, simply click the Add Question button.

In the ‘Services’ section, one or more of the provider organization’s services can be selected.  As soon as a survey is linked to a service, it becomes available to the people who are covered by an active SLA for this service.  A survey can be linked to multiple services, but a service can only be linked to one survey

People can rate the services that they are covered for in 4me Self Service when they go to the ‘My Services’ section.  When they select a service for which a survey has been made available, they will see the new Rate This Service button.

Rate this service button self service

Pressing this button takes the user to the survey, where the questions can be answered one by one.  Users can also decide to skip questions, in which case the survey response will be stored as ‘incomplete’.  Users may decide to finish or update a survey at a later time within the same calendar month.

Service star rating question

All completed and partial survey responses, their ratings, and their individual answers, can be found in the new ‘Survey Responses’ section of the Analytics console.

Survey responses analytics