Introducing the Account Designer Role

RolesA new role has been added. It is called the ‘Account Designer’ role. This role can be given to people who need to be able to maintain the organization’s account design, Self Service design, PDF designs and email designs, but should not have all the access rights that the Account Administrator role has.
In addition, to being able to maintain the designs, this role also provides the ability to maintain (add and edit) the following records:

  • Request Templates
  • Change Templates
  • Task Templates
  • Project Templates
  • Project Task Templates
  • Products
  • Email Templates
  • Media Files
  • UI Extensions
  • Automation Rules
  • Translations

An account designer is also able to see the following records and maintain their picture (or avatar):

  • Service
  • Organization
  • Team
  • Site
  • Service Categories
  • Product Categories
  • Holiday

The Directory Designer role provides similar access to the settings and records types that are available in a directory account.
Account Designer role and Directory Designer role