Introducing the Activity Monitor

 In New Feature, Reporting and Analytics, Security & Privacy

User AccessWhen administrators or auditors access the Settings console of an organization’s 4me account, they are able to open the Activity Monitor. The Activity Monitor provides an overview of all people who are registered in the account.

It shows when these people last used Self Service or 4me’s full UI (in the Console Last Activity column), when they last used 4me’s REST API (in the API Last Activity column), when they last reset their 4me API token (in the API Token Age column), when they last reset their 4me password (in the 4me Password Age column), and whether they have already activated two-factor authentication in 4me (in the 2FA column).

Activity Monitor

Administrators are encouraged to take a look at this overview to see whether people are properly securing their 4me access, or when they suspect that people are using 4me’s REST API when they are not supposed to.