Introducing the Financial Manager Role


A new role has been become available in 4me accounts that are on the Premium pricing plan.  The new role is called ‘Financial Manager‘.  It is intended for people who maintain the financial information for their support organization, such as the financial controllers.

This role is authorized to maintain the information in the ‘Financial Details’ section of product, configuration item and person records.  In addition, this is now the only role authorized to create and edit contract records.  Configuration managers and account administrators, though, can still open a configuration item in edit mode and link the CI to a contract.

Financial manager with CI in Edit mode

Even though this gives the Financial Manager role a high level of access to some areas of the 4me account to which it belongs, it can only access the following record types in the account’s Records console:

  • Products
  • Configuration Items
  • Contracts
  • Organizations
  • People

In the Analytics console, the Financial Manager role can only see reports that are based on information from the same record types.  When a financial manager opens a dashboard that contains other reports, such as the reports ‘All Requests’ and ‘Halted Problems’, these reports will be displayed on the dashboard with a “You don’t have permission to view this content” message.

Dashboards with reports that user does not have permission to see