Invoice Form Improvements


As service cost tracking is becoming one of the central pillars of 4me, several more adjustments have been made to the Invoice form.  With last week’s enhancements regarding invoices for configuration items, the possibility for amortization of invoices that are not related to CIs was introduced, with an amortization start date and an end date.  For the depreciation of CIs, the financial manager can now also choose a depreciation start date.

The depreciation start date is by default set to the invoice date but can be adjusted manually if needed for any of the four available depreciation methods.  The depreciation end date is determined automatically based on the useful life of the related CI.

To make it easier for financial managers to create invoices, logic has been added to automatically populate some of the invoice fields.  The name of the invoice is suggested based on the name of the related change, project, SLA, FLSA, contract or CI.  If a supplier is known, the supplier field is also automatically filled in.  If the invoice is related to a CI with a known start date, that date is used as a default for both the invoice date and the depreciation start date (both fields are still editable).  The useful life or rate field (depending on the depreciation method) is taken from the product related to the CI.

The following screenshot shows the Invoice form with automatically populated fields after being related to a CI.

Invoice form with automatically populated fields