Invoices for Changes, Contracts, SLAs & FLSAs


Invoices could already be related to projects.  As another step to make it possible to break down the costs incurred by a service provider organization by service, invoices can now also be related to changes, contracts, service level agreements (SLAs) and first line support agreements (FLSAs).

Invoice related to change

People who have the Project Manager role can still only register and maintain invoices that are related to the projects they are the manager of.  Users with the Financial Manager role can now create invoices and link them to projects, changes, contracts, FLSAs and SLAs.  Financial managers can do this in the ‘Invoices’ section of the Records console.  There they can maintain all invoices in their organization’s 4me account, because they can add, edit, read and delete invoices.

As part of this new capability of the Financial Manager role, several new filters have been added to the ‘Invoices’ view.  The Type filter allows a financial manager to limit the view to invoices that are related to changes, contracts, SLAs, FLSAs or projects.  The other new filters make it possible to see only the invoices that are linked to a specific project, change, contract, SLA or FLSA.

Invoice filtered on change