Invoices for Configuration Items


It is now possible for a person with the Financial Manager role to link an invoice to one or more configuration items (CIs) or to directly add an invoice from within a CI record.  After allowing invoices to be linked to projects, changes, contracts, service level agreements and first line support agreements, this is a further step in allowing companies to better track the total cost related to its services, as each invoice is related to exactly one service.

Invoice link to configuration items

It is not only possible to link several CIs to one invoice, but also to relate several invoices to one CI.  This allows the financial manager to relate multiple items purchased in one order to one invoice, but also to relate both the original purchase invoice and the invoice for a spare part of a configuration item to the same CI record, for example.

When an invoice is created from a CI, many fields are automatically filled with values from the CI and the product that is linked to it:

  • Name
  • Supplier
  • Depreciation method
  • Useful life
  • Rate
  • Salvage value
  • Salvage value currency
Invoice for configuration items