ITSM Horizon 2020

ITSM Horizon 20204me is participating in the first 3D online ITSM Horizon conference, taking place September 30th and October 1st in both English and German.  Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the newest developments and trends in ITSM.

ITSM Horizon 20204me is one of the event’s premier sponsors, and we invite you to visit our interactive virtual stand, where our Sales Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Patt Howard, will be joined by our newest IT Service Management Architect and team member, Michael Wilken, who brings more than 20 years of service management experience to our organization.

We will also share our experience in ITSM, SIAM, Digitalization and Dynamic Sourcing across two presentations during the day.  In addition to our CEO’s session on September 30th at 15:15, Patt Howard will be presenting, in German, on the topic of Dynamic Sourcing.  What is Dynamic Sourcing you ask?

An organization’s viability no longer depends on its ability to innovate, but on the speed at which it is able to innovate.  Nearly all innovation initiatives initiated by the business include a large IT component.  That was already the case before the digital transformation and optimization of the core business became the norm.  Ideally, the business would want to ask the IT department to help them get their digital transformation initiatives realized.  The only practical way for the IT department to make use of truly transformative technology and therefore transform itself from being perceived as a hindrance to a facilitator of business improvement, is to embrace dynamic sourcing.

Join Patt as he walks through key points related to Dynamic Sourcing and why the 4me application is an ideal facilitator to enable this transformation.  And please visit and register on our 4me Community website, where you can always find great suggestions, ideas and tips from other 4me customers and from our own experts.  You can also find success stories of how our customers are best making use of the 4me application.