ITSM Tool Vendors a Little Out of Touch?

Industry Analyst ReportIndustry analyst The ITSM Review did something really clever recently to find out whether ITSM tool vendors are aligned with their customers. To find out, they asked 19 different tool vendors how customizable their ITSM software is. Then they asked customers how they would rate their ability to customize these 19 different ITSM products.

The ITSM Review logoThe results are really interesting. You can read through them by going to the ITSM Tools Universe Preview: How aligned are ITSM tool vendors to their customers? People also left some great comments there that are worth reading.

Of course we are happy to see that 4me came out on top. It means that the effort we put into listening to our customers, especially at the annual customer advisory board meeting, is paying off.

Most of you are already aware that our philosophy is different from other ITSM tool vendors. We don’t just tell customers that they can customize everything. Instead we make sure that, as much as possible, the product supports multinational enterprises out-of-the-box. Where necessary, we have made sure that 4me can be customized and that our customers do not need to rely on consultants to do this for them.

Following this survey we added some extra features to increase 4me’s flexibility. And you will be pleased to hear that we are already working on a few more options to extend 4me’s configuration capabilities even further.