ITSM University Joins the 4me Partner Network

United States of AmericaThe service management experts of ITSM University are some the most experienced in the U.S.A. As part of their industry research, they have closely tracked the progress of 4me for more than 4 years already. A few months ago they decided that the time has come to consider 4me a field-proven, enterprise-class, ITSM solution.

ITSM University logoThe unique out-of-the-box benefits that 4me provides to large enterprises (such as secure collaboration with other organizations, tracking of SLAs from external service providers, and the fastest application response times globally) has prompted ITSM University to partner with 4me. The goal of our partnership is to deliver ITSM excellence for large organizations here in the United States.

We are proud to welcome ITSM University as an official member of the 4me Partner Network.