JIT Provisioning Now Accepts First and Last Name

User AccessThe Just-in-Time (JIT) End User Access Provisioning functionality of 4me has been improved a little. It now accepts the attributes first_name and last_name from the identity provider when someone is accessing 4me. These 2 attributes are automatically combined into a single name attribute before the Name field of the person record is set in 4me.

For example, if your organization’s employees use Gmail, you can use the standard Google Cloud Identity integration to activate single sign-on (SSO) for your organization’s 4me account. If you then want to use this integration to activate JIT end user access provisioning, you can set this up using the new first_name and last_name attributes as follows:
JIT Provisioning Attribute Mapping
The result will be that, as soon as an end user accesses 4me Self Service for this first time, a new person record gets generated for this user with the full name specified in the Name field.