Knowledge Article Link Rate


The report ‘Knowledge Article Link Rate’ has been available for quite a while already.  It used to track the number of completed requests that, at the time of completion, were linked to a knowledge article.

Knowledge Article Link Rate report

To better align with the KCS methodology, however, the link rate calculation has been adjusted.  The KCS definition is as follows: “Link rate is the percentage of closed cases with an article linked.”  Going forward, therefore, the link rate report also includes requests that were linked to a knowledge article after their status was already set to ‘Completed’.

KCS essentially says that a request should either be linked to a knowledge article that helped to resolve the request, or a new article should have been created if one was not available to help resolve the request.  Because a link is now automatically established between a knowledge article and a completed request when the solution information of the completed request is used to generate the new article, the requests for which a knowledge article was created because one was not yet available are now also included in the report.  This makes it is easier for support organizations to see whether they are getting closer to the theoretical ideal of a link rate between 60% and 80%.