Knowledge Article Link Rate Report

Pie ChartWhen you go to the ‘Reports’ section of the Analytics console, you will see that the report ‘Knowledge Article Link Rate’ has been added.

ITRP report - Knowledge Article Link Rate
This report helps visualize the effectiveness of the Knowledge Management process for your organization’s support staff. It tracks the percentage of requests that has been completed by a service desk analyst or specialist using the instructions of a knowledge article. The report also shows the number of requests that were completed and how many of those are linked to a knowledge article.
A click on a point of the line graph takes you into the requests that make up that point. Initially the view ‘Completed Requests with Knowledge Article’ will be displayed. From there, you can switch to ‘Completed Requests without Knowledge Article’ or ‘Completed Requests’.
Knowledge Article Link Rate Drill Down Views
By reviewing the requests in the ‘Completed Requests without Knowledge Article’ view, it will be possible to find solutions that can be turned into knowledge articles to help resolve such requests more quickly in the future. Making these knowledge articles public may even allow end users to find solutions without having to submit a request.