Knowledge Article Templates

knowledge template

4me is a knowledge-centered service management tool.  This means that gathering and reusing knowledge lies at the heart of the system.  End users are presented with solutions to common issues and specialists are encouraged to apply and create knowledge articles when resolving tickets.  Organizations that use 4me can now adapt the knowledge management capability even more to their specific needs, by making use of the knowledge article templates introduced in this release.

Knowledge article templates can be maintained by a person with the Knowledge Manager or Account Designer role from the new ‘Knowledge Article Templates’ section in the Records console.  They can be restricted to a specific service and service instance, if necessary.  Their most powerful attribute, though, is the UI extension field. This allows organizations to add custom fields to knowledge articles, enabling them to customize their articles with required, searchable, filterable, and other types of fields.

Knowledge article template

In the example above, the knowledge manager of Widget Data Center has added a ‘select’ UI extension field to the WDC Knowledge Article template that is required, filterable, and searchable.  When creating an article using this template, a choice must be made if the type of the article should be ‘Sop’ (Standard Operating Procedure), ‘HowTo’, or ‘Tips&Tricks’.  After searching for the phrase ’sop’, the knowledge articles of type ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ are then listed in the results.

Knowledge article search

This enhancement of the knowledge management capability aligns 4me even closer to the best practices Knowledge-Centered Services (KCS) methodology.