Knowledge Article Translations

KnowledgeHenceforth, knowledge articles can also be translated in the ‘Translations’ section of the Settings console.  This makes it possible for a translator to quickly go through all missing translations for a specific language, including the phrases from knowledge articles that still require a translation.

In the past, a knowledge article had to be opened in Edit mode when it needed to be translated.  The advantage was that all the fields of the article were visible for the translator, but the disadvantage was that the form became too crowded, especially when an article contained a lot of information.

Thanks to the new ‘Translations…’ option in the Actions menu, though, translators can now still open a specific knowledge article to quickly translate only the field values of this article.

All translations of a knowledge article in Translations section of the Settings console

Export option in Actions menuAnother important advantage is that the knowledge article translations are now included in the translation export files.  Account designers and administrators can export the translations from the ‘Translations’ section of the Settings console by pressing the Actions toolbar button and selecting the ‘Export…’ option from the menu.