Labels Adjusted in Requests by Source Reports

Vertical Bar ChartThere are three reports available in 4me and one in 4me Self Service (for key contacts) that break down the number of requests by source. In the past, when organizations started using 4me, they would typically see the following 3 request sources:

  • Full UI
  • Self Service
  • Email

But because many people did not understand what ‘Full UI’ meant, this label has been renamed to ‘4me’. It refers to requests that were registered using the Service Desk console of the 4me service. And because some organizations have created their own Self Service website and integrated it with 4me, the ‘Self Service’ source option has been renamed to ‘4me Self Service’ to make it clear that it refers to the self service interface that is provided by 4me.

So the source labels are now presented as follows in the request reports:

Registered Requests by Source report