Language Indicator Flags Removed

NorwayTo show the language preference of a person, 4me used to display a circle over the person’s picture with a flag that symbolized this language.  This was mainly useful for multilingual service desk analysts when they accepted a call from their CTI client.  It allowed them to start the conversation in the caller’s preferred language.

We have since learned, however, that flags can stir up emotions in people.  Canadians may not want to see the flag of the United States over their picture, German-speaking persons in Switzerland may not understand why the German flag is displayed in their record, people in Flanders may not identify with the Dutch flag, etc.

That is why the graphical language indicator has been removed from 4me.  It is no longer displayed in the person records, and neither is it visible any more for knowledge articles.

To ensure that service desk analysts can still see the language of a caller or knowledge article, and that specialists can still easily look up the language of a requester when they update an existing request, the graphical language indicator has been replaced with the name of the language that the person selected in his or her 4me preferences.

Person preview before and after language indicator adjustment