Language Selector in 4me Self Service


Using translations and auto-translate, 4me caters to users speaking different languages. Notes and other elements can be automatically translated into any of the 52 supported languages, the 4me user interface elements are maintained in most of those languages languages, and customer-specific records, such as knowledge articles, request templates, and UI extensions can be translated by the customer organization itself. In the ‘Self Service Settings’ section of the Specialist Interface’s Settings console it is possible to define in which languages the self-service portal should be made available. 4me Self service is then presented in the preferred language of the end user, and if that’s not available, in the language of the account.

A new feature has been added to the self-service portals of organizations that use Self Service v2, as it was communicated earlier this year. If the above mentioned Supported languages setting is used, meaning at least one other language than the account language is selected:

Supported languages

a language selector becomes available to the end users in 4me Self Service:

Language selector

This can be especially helpful to users who do not (yet) have a preferred language defined. One
example is users of a Whistleblower portal. These users will now easily be able to select a
language they know when registering an anonymous request. This feature will also come in
handy for Self Service designers, so that they can quickly check how the portal will look in any of
the supported languages.